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Personalized Paper Napkins

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Personalized Napkins and Printed Napkins

Providing quality printed napkins and customized napkins including
 • cocktail personalized napkins
 • beverage personalized napkins
 • luncheon personalized napkins
 • dinner pesonalized napkins
 • dispenser personalized napkins
 • customized napkins
 • custom napkins
 • custom printed napkins
 • customized cocktail napkins

Napkin Artwork

We are happy to assist you in any way we can as it relates to your artwork. We will also pull from several files and build your completed design for you, if needed. If typesetting is required, please instruct us on type font and size that you require as well as informing us of the text to be set. Upon submission, of your graphic, we will advise you of any needed changes to your artwork in order to be sure that your product is produced with the highest level of quality. Many changes can be made to your graphic file at no additional cost to you including a re-draw, if required.


Digital Artwork

  • Please email all digital artwork files to
    In the body of the email, please list:
    • Your name
    • Company
    • Phone number
    • Email address
    • Information detailing size, position, and color. Napkins may be printed using one to four spot colors or four-color process (12,000 minimum order). If spot colors, please indicate the PMS (uncoated) color number for each color used.

Acceptable File Types
  • Please use VECTOR images/files (.ai, .eps, vector .pdf) whenever possible.

  • All fonts must be converted into outline or curves before you send your file. All graphic images must be embedded into your file.

  • We only accept raster images (.tif, .jpg, .bmp) "if" they are very sharp and minimum of 300dpi at actual printed size. These images may be used for certain logos, but normally will have to be redrawn. This service is complimentary.

  • Napkins are printed at 65 d.p.i. (dots per inch). Screens/halftones/gradients will print coarse and will appear as a series of dots. Solid spot colors will imprint with a clean edge while the edges of screens will print with a jagged edge. Any value under 20% may drop off, and any value over 65% may fill in.

  • Thin lines do not print well on napkins. We recommend using a minimum of 1pt line weight or more. Anything less will tend to break up. And for reverse line artwork, 2pt or greater is recommended. This issue also applies to small font sizes. Ideally, you should not use less than a 10pt font when printing on napkins.

Note: We do not accept any "hard copy" artwork.

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