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Personalized Napkins and Printed Napkins

Providing quality printed napkins and customized napkins including
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 • customized napkins
 • custom napkins
 • custom printed napkins
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"The ScanNap "web-enabled" Napkin from Napkins-Only.  Finally! Printed Napkins That Actually Make Me Money, Rather Than Adding An Expense"

Napkins-Only has created the world's first "web-enabled" printed paper napkin and we are pleased to offer it to you exclusively. It is the most affordable offline digital content delivery system for the mobile web. It's called ScanNapô and it's capable of launching, delivering and embedding your digital content directly into the consumer's hand held mobile device as they relax offline, captive in an un-hurried environment.

ScanNapô utilizes the least costly printed medium available (napkins), making the mass saturation promotional campaign affordable to even the smallest of business operators. Lastly, ScanNapô offers you fully measurable analytics data for the duration of your supply. Please take a moment to preview a brief demonstration of this amazing new product by viewing the video on your right.

Why Should I Use ScanNap to Promote my Product or Service?

ScanNapô can help you make money. ScanNapô acts as a physical hard-link which serves to bridge the digital divide between the physical world and the digital world. We have all made substantial investments into the creation of our existing rich web content - sadly, this content is only available to the online consumer. Your ScanNapô will allow you to seamlessly and affordably transfer your valuable online digital assets, offline - directly to the public.

When your ScanNapô printed promotional napkins are scanned, the content of your digital promotions will remain embedded within the mobile hand-sets of each one of your potential new customers. Once embedded, your offer can be saved by the user and easily shared with all of the contacts within the address book of that device. Clearly, this becomes a very affective marketing tool to facilitate the delivery of your mobile website, digital coupons, streaming videos, online reservation pages, event calendars, maps, mobile apps, e-Books, social media invitations or even to initiate an auto dial phone call from the user's handset. This is all possible from a simple printed napkin, and all for just pennies per conversion!

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Here are just a few ScanNapô applications:

  • Restaurants - Restaurants of all sizes use ScanNapô for more effective table management, which results in higher levels of repeat business. By creatively delivering and embedding their online table reservations page (menu, map, and drink special) directly into their patron's mobiles, as they enjoy the lounge, while awaiting the next available table.

  • Wine Tasting Rooms - Winery tasting rooms are careful to present their ScanNapô to each new visitor with every pour. This allows the winery to subtly deliver its digital Order Form as well as a Wine of the Month Club invitation into the handset of every visitor before they exit the tasting room floor.

  • Entertainers - Entertainers are able to offer good will to host venues and club owners by providing them with a free supply of their ScanNapô promotional cocktail napkins - for use during the periods with which they have been scheduled to perform. In this way, the undiscovered comedian can promote their new DVD by providing the audience a sample tract of some of its best material along with ordering info - before they've even stepped foot onto the stage.

  • Bands/Musicians - Similarly, any kind of band can effectively use ScanNapô to direct its loyal fans to its iTunes Page, where the band will immediately begin to generate additional new sales revenue via download of their latest hit - all before their live concert performance even begins.

  • Writers/Authors - The writer, author or blogger can leverage the power of ScanNapô to affordably self-promote and distribute their eBooks locally, from internet cafťs located within their very own cities. By, providing the owners with a complimentary supply of their ScanNapô promotional napkin, a true win-win situation is created for all parties involved. The host proprietors receive free napkins and the advertiser obtains an incredibly inexpensive distribution network for their work.

  • Investment Banks - An investment banking firm can profitably deploy ScanNapô into the taverns of the nation's busiest airports to digitally deliver its mobile trading app, research white paper, or financial newsletter subscription invitation to captive audiences of affluent business travelers.

  • Non-Profits - Non-profit organizations appreciate the affordability of ScanNapô and they cleverly use them as interactive party favors at fund raising events. The ScanNapô is used to deliver a mobile donations page inaudibly, and also used to launch feature rich video trailers produced both to create cause awareness and to formally recognize high profile, key contributors - as well as lower profile, lesser known volunteers. In both applications, ScanNapô is always a hit and will always create quite the buzz at each guest table.
The possibilities are endless! Do you have a unique idea for using ScanNapô? If so, we want to hear from you. Please send it to for a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog or media story.

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How Exactly Does ScanNap Work?

ScanNapô works on any web-enabled camera phone with a QR code reader installed. For older devices that do not have a pre-installed code reader, we offer a free user friendly tool which is capable of self-detecting and downloading the best free reader for the detected users device. Simple instructions for accessing this tool can be included in the imprinted copy of your ScanNapô graphic design proof.

It is always best to use white tissue with a black ink imprint when producing your ScanNapô. However, we do obtain satisfactory results with any of our lighter shades of colored tissue as well, providing that it will be imprinted with a dark shade of printed ink. This is to achieve a proper level of contrast for effective scanning of the codes matrix. We are often asked; "what happens if my ScanNapô becomes wet - will it still scan?"

Great question: Yes! The two-dimensional ScanNapô matrix barcode has been tested extensively for varying levels of saturation. If your ScanNapô were to become partially wet, it will continue to properly scan and resolve to its linked content. In fact, even a fully saturated ("completely soaking wet") ScanNapô will continue to resolve properly, error free, from any angle.

By far, one of the greatest attributes of a ScanNapô matrix barcode (a QR code created by Napkins-Only) lies in our ability to change the encoded hyper-link of the matrix barcode on the fly and re-program it to resolve to entirely new and different content at will. This is important for several reasons: First, this feature allows you to perform some very effective test marketing of your message prior to fully deploying your ScanNapô campaign. Second, it may just eliminate the need to manufacture multiple, smaller print lots - which is common to more complicated ad campaigns - requiring more than one message or theme.

In that event, we are able to produce just one much larger and more cost effective lot and simply re-program the variable link at will using the original, pre-printed, static matrix code. Finally, the multi-programmable nature of our code serves to protect you from the potential of ever being forced to re-print your entire medium due to any future, unforeseen, dead content link.

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