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Personalized Paper Napkins

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Personalized Napkins and Printed Napkins

Providing quality printed napkins and customized napkins including
 • cocktail personalized napkins
 • beverage personalized napkins
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 • customized napkins
 • custom napkins
 • custom printed napkins
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"The ScanNap Web-Enabled Napkin from Napkins-Only. Finally! Printed Napkins That Actually Make Me Money, Rather Than Adding An Expense!"

Napkins-Only has created the world's first web-enabled printed paper napkin and we are pleased to offer it to you exclusively. Introducing ScanNap, the world's most affordable offline digital content delivery system, capable of launching, delivering, and embedding your digital content directly into the customer's hand-held mobile device as they relax offline, captive in an un-hurried environment.

ScanNapô utilizes the least costly printed medium available (napkins), making a mass saturation promotional campaign affordable to even the smallest of business operators. Lastly, ScanNap offers you fully measurable analytics data for the duration of your supply. Please take a moment to preview a brief demonstration of this amazing new product by viewing the video on your right.


ScanNap makes you money. ScanNap bridges the physical world with your rich digital content - seamlessly transferring your valuable online digital assets directly into the hands of the public.

When your guests scan your ScanNap printed promotional napkins, they are directly transferred to your online content. The marketing potential is endless! Deliver your mobile website, social media page, mobile app, digital coupons, promotional items, streaming videos, online games, event calendars, maps, E-Books, or more directly to your user's mobile handset. Even better, once embedded, your offer can be saved and shared with your guest's friends and family, allowing for quick, affordable mass market saturation, for just pennies per conversion!

All this and more from a simple printed napkin!


  • Restaurants - Restaurants of all sizes utilize ScanNap to manage tables more effectively. Restaurants deliver menus, drink specials, and promotional items directly to customers waiting in the lounge for the next available table. In turn, ScanNap encourages faster table turn-over, ultimately leading to more satisfied customers and higher levels of repeat business.

    ScanNap - Personalized Napkin Advertising
  • Wine Tasting Rooms - Winery tasting rooms present their ScanNap to each new visitor with every pour, subtly delivering digital order forms and invitations to Wine of the Month Clubs before the visitor has even finished their first glass.

  • Entertainers - Entertainers provide complimentary ScanNap promotional cocktail napkins to host venues and club owners during their scheduled performance times. In turn, the undiscovered comedian can promote their new DVD, social media channel, or online ordering/booking forms - before even stepping foot on stage.

    ScanNap Printed Napkin Advertising
  • Bands/Musicians - Similarly, bands utilize ScanNap to direct loyal fans to their iTunes Page or YouTube channel, where the band can immediately generate new sales revenue via downloads - all before their live concert performance has even begun.

  • Writers/Authors - Writers, authors, and bloggers leverage the power of ScanNap to affordably self-promote their content in small businesses in their hometowns. Writers provide free promotional napkins to cafes and coffee shops and in turn receive an incredibly inexpensive distribution network for their work.

    ScanNap - Digital Napkin Advertising
  • Investment Banks - Investing banking firms profitably deploy ScanNap into the taverns of the nationís busiest airports to digitally deliver mobile trading apps, research white papers, or financial newsletter subscription invitations to captive audiences of affluent business travelers.

  • Non-Profits - Non-profit organizations cleverly utilize ScanNap as interactive party favors at fundraising events, subsequently linking patrons to mobile donation pages, social media channels and cause awareness sites, and to formally recognize high profile key contributors and volunteers. In all applications, ScanNap is always a hit and creates quite the buzz at each guest table.
The possibilities are endless! Do you have a unique idea for using ScanNap? If so, we want to hear from you. Please send it to for a chance to be featured in an upcoming blog or media story.

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Does ScanNap work on any handheld device?
ScanNap works on any web-enabled smartphone or tablet with an installed QR code reader. Code reader apps are available to the general public for free from any app store online.

What colors are available for ScanNap?
For optimum results, we recommend dark ink on traditional white tissue paper. Certain light shades of tissue paper (such as ivory and pastels) will also achieve satisfactory results.

We cannot guarantee effective QR scanning from other color combinations due to inferior color contrast between the matrix and background color. Such napkins will rarely, if ever, properly scan.

What happens if my ScanNap promotional napkin gets wet?
Your napkin will still scan! We have extensively tested our two-dimensional ScanNap matrix barcodes at various levels of saturation, and your unique ScanNap QR code will still scan, error-free, at any level of saturation. From lightly damp to completely soaking wet, your custom ScanNap promotional napkins will still deliver your content straight into the hands of your customers!

What if I want to change my online content?
You are in luck! Our ScanNap matrix barcodes are fully reprogrammable and can easily be recoded to link to new content without changing anything about your initial artwork. This simplifies reorders, saves you time, encourages multiple test marketing campaigns, and protects your order against unforeseen dead content links.

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