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Personalized Napkins and Printed Napkins

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Printed Napkins

Why Use Printed Napkins?

The advantages of using custom printed napkins over blank napkins or cloth napkins are numerous. First, the basic substrate of tissue is incredibly inexpensive. Therefore, imprinted napkins make for an ideal advertising medium. It is a very subtle and effective way to brand ones name or important marketing message to the consumer.

In the advertising world, the terms "page view" or "impression" are very important. They refer to the duration of time consumers eyes are spent absorbing a particular message in an advertisement. Now consider the length of time that the average consumer in a food service environment will be held captive to your carefully branded message on your custom printed napkin. The "page view" derived from imprinted paper napkins is clearly un-matched by other mediums. For example: imagine the average party guest or sports bar patron - they will be compelled to stare at your message for up to three full hours at a time.

In addition, the printed napkin is portable and can be taken along with the patron. This fact can be profitably exploited and tracked for use in online promotions by way of a required login code, which is a very effective marketing strategy. Lastly, once again, because of its low cost - personalized napkins are a most effective mass saturation-advertising tool.

What are Some Examples of Napkin Print?

Bars and nightclubs will typically use either a 1-ply or 2-ply printed cocktail napkins. The most creative owners will use their printed cocktail napkins to provide new drink ideas or promote some upcoming talent or events. The average restaurant that uses printed table napkins, most often will opt for 2-ply printed dinner napkins. Most casino napkins are printed as either 2-ply or 3-ply book fold beverage napkins. They often use their printed beverage napkins to provide profitable menu ideas or to generally explain the rules of popular gamming tables.

Food service distributors have frequently used printed paper napkins to lure prospective new customers by providing them personalized napkins free of charge. Catering companies have always enjoyed great success by printing their phone number and web site address on their own printed napkins and providing them free of charge to self promote the very events that they happen to be catering. Schools and universities have effectively used printed luncheon napkins to effectively communicate important messages to the student body within their own cafeterias. Similarly, large corporations have also used printed dispenser napkins within their cafeterias to convey important messages from the human resources department to the employee's.

Advertising agency's clearly understand the value of the printed napkin as they regularly commission the medium for their clients advertising in the entertainment, leisure, travel, food manufacturing and food distribution sectors of the economy. Finally, personalized party napkins and monogrammed cocktail napkins have been used extensively for wedding napkins, printed party napkins, anniversary napkins, holiday party napkins, graduation party napkins, Bat Mitzvah party napkins, Hanukkah party napkins and Christmas party napkins.

How are Napkins Printed?

Most all paper napkin tissue is recycled and milled from post consumer waste. There is a large consumer demand today for natural brown recycled napkins. The inks used in napkin printing are completely safe, F.D.A. approved, all natural and soy-based. The process used to print napkins will vary by product and is largely a function of quantity requested. We employ several methods in the actual production of printed napkins and napkin folding. These include letterpress printing, screen printing, web offset printing and flexographic napkin printing processes.

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