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Custom Printed Cocktail Napkins

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Personalized Cocktail Napkins

The term cocktail napkin is often mistakenly interchanged with the term beverage napkin. In reality, a cocktail napkin refers specifically to a 1-ply semi-crepe (overall pebble embossed pattern) paper napkin. This is generally your lowest cost option when shopping for a paper cocktail napkin. Conversely, the term beverage napkin more commonly refers to any smooth facial quality paper napkin, defined by a coined edge. Cocktail napkins of this variety are available in several different levels of thickness - that being either a 1, 2, or 3 ply. The linen cocktail napkin or linen-like cocktail napkin actually has plastic fibers woven into its substrate making it a lower cost option to an actual cloth napkin. Obviously, paper napkins are less expensive than the linen cocktail napkin.

The 1-ply cocktail napkin is an excellent choice for party napkins, wedding napkins, holiday cocktail napkins or any table napkins application where personalized cocktail napkins are required. Printed napkins from Napkins-Only are incredibly inexpensive. Because of this fact, many soon-to-be brides will opt for a personalized wedding cocktail napkin over napkins rings and the cumbersome napkin folding that would be associated with any blank table napkin option.

Printed cocktail napkins are most commonly used within sports bars, nightclubs and casinos. The most heavily trafficked fine establishments clearly understand the importance of branding their name upon their custom cocktail napkins.

As the cocktail napkins paper is fed from a large roll and printed flat during production, we are able to print across all four panels, effectively creating what could be considered a book from the finished napkin fold. As a result, many users have become very clever with their cocktail napkin printing and created mini menu's and new drink idea advertisements from their custom printed cocktail napkin. This is commonly referred to as a book fold style cocktail napkin.

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